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Germanium Preamp Feedbacker Mixer

Sonveskan is a three-channel mixer, which was built using discrete components like germanium transistors. Each audio path comes equipped with a dual gain stage, voltage controlled feedback, a mute switch and a direct output.
  • 3 Discrete Preamps
  • 3 Channels Mixer
  • 3 CV Controlled FeedBacks
  • EQ High/Low
  • Direct Out / Mute
  • Stupid Breton name


By combining several channel strips, it is possible to create very wild effects. The mixer’s main channel features an equalizer with two bands and another gain stage delivering more distortion. – A great module for people who like it rough!

The model of 2017 is equipped with bigger coupling capacitors than the predecessor. – The result: More bass!The Sonveskan’s three channel strips feature identical circuit designs. Each audio path comes equipped with an input, followed by two gain stages. They are wired in serial. The first gain stage can be adjusted via a knob, which is situated on the module’s front panel.

The second one comes with a trim potentiometer on the circuit board. Results can be fed back to the channel’s input. The feedback intensity is editable via another potentiometer plus there is a CV input. After the gain stage(s), a mute switch and a direct output follow in each signal path.

The main channel offers an equalizer with two potentiometers for adjusting treble and bass.

Afterwards, there is another gain stage in the signal flow. Again, a trim potentiometer on the circuit board is used for editing the level. The equalizer features such an control element as well.


  • Size:
  • Face plate material:
    2mm anodised Aluminium
  • +12v:
  • -12v:
  • +5v:

User Manual

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