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Kala Goañv


The TouellSkouarn Kala Goanv is an inductor based filter. According to this unique design the sound is extraordinary and somewhere in between a phaser-ish band pass, distortion and a gnarly wahwah with a vintage character. Even if the module is pretty simple it has LOTS of character.
  • Inductor based
  • 8 HP
  • Stupid Breton name


We find an input and one output level control and also a big cutoff controller. The small grey knob controls resonance. A cutoff CV input with attenuator is there as well but that's about CV control. Frequency behaviour is very dependent on the other parameters' settings.

This boutique module is hand-wired, has a beautful laser-etched perspex faceplate and the big cutoff knob is vintage. As the module is inductor based it can easily pick up hum and electric fields so keep it away from the power supply transformer.


  • Size:
  • Face plate material:
    2mm anodised Aluminium
  • +12v:
  • -12v:
  • +5v:

User Manual