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Maman Küsters

This Brest-based duo is leading the race for EBM and gives us their 3D view : Dada, Daho and DAF
In the bare-faced cheek of Maman Küsters, Brest has its hands on a real gem of rare brilliance. There are equal measures of sheer nerve, of fiddling about, of agony and of tortured thoughts. We really get a sense of tormented, wound up electronic music and rock – real rock, raw and on edge.

This mysterious Breton duo celebrates the adventurous, the accidental, and the dark thriller. The album is haunted by a talented Dadaistic madness and by the boozy words of a Gainsbourg or a Bashung. These fatalistic, automatic lyrics, carried along by an electronic beat that seems high on plutonium, bring to mind the pounding of a Chrislo Haas, the man-machine behind pioneering bands Liaisons Dangereuses and DAF. From now on Maman Küsters is firmly in position as the one and only example of this genre.

For fans of : D.A.F, Liaisons Dangereuses, Daho, Front 242, Bashung, Gainsbourg, Marquis de Sade, Kraftwerk, Kas Product…

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