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Stoker Elektrek

9 Volts pedal power supply provider

Stoker Elektrek features a 2.1 mm barrel connector for powering guitar pedals. An adapter cable is included in delivery. The module itself is powered by the modular PSU. a look at the specifications shows, that Stoker Elektrek is compatible with lots of effect pedals.

  • 9V DC power supply
  • Up to 750 mA
  • Polarity: Tip = negative / Ring = positive
  • 2 buffered multiples
  • Skiff-friendly


On top of that, Stoker Elektrek features two multiples. Each is equipped with one input and two outputs. Using both circuits as one signal splitter with four outs is possible as well.

Pedal consumption exemples : 

Roland RE20 : 75mA
Ibanez Tube Screamer - 8mA
DD-3 Digital Delay : 55mA,
AD-9 Analog Delay maxon : 19mA
Proco Rat : 4mA
Elektro Harmonix Big Muff PI : 5mA
Boss Tuner : 55mA
Boss RV5 Reverb : 40mA





2mm Aluminium


up to 750mA



Ultra Rapide Canari Sarl

24, rue Jean Corre
29470 Plougastel

RCBrest 441 304 474