Strakal Orsel

Tube Distortion, Crude VCA, Noise Generator and Oscillator

  • 12HP / anodized aluminium panel / Red painted
  • Jacks : Input, Output, CV Input
  • Knobs : Feedback (Boukl Retroaktiñ), the big one, Volume (Gounid), between the 2 stages of tubeamplification) and Gain (Ampled) set the level of distortion.
  • Switches : Triodenn, switch the first tube in pentode or triode mode,Feedback (Boukl Retroaktiñ) (enable the use of the feedback knob)
  • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in Plougastel-Daoulas.
  • Stupid Breton name

Power consumption :

The module needs a dedicated 5V bus from your case
(tested with Eowave source d’Energie, Frap Tools Silta, DotRed audios Power base)

  • +12 : 5mA
  • -12 : 5mA
  • +5 : 350mA

The “Tub Modul” is powered via a built in voltage multiplier up to 35V from the 12V bus. The heaters of the tubes are powered via the 5v bus

Tube equivalents :

The Regular module is sold with 2 x Russians NOS 6j1P,
the Special one is sold with 2 x USA 5654 tubes (low noise premium-grade substitute for 6AK5.
You can also use a 6AK5 or EF95.

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